Google organizes training courses to enhance the Italian network security awareness


Google is working with the Italian authorities to teach the country’s increasingly digital population and how to stay safe while browsing the web. Google will work with the Italian Data Protection Agency and the communications regulator to launch the Digitali e Responsibility Center, a portal dedicated to demonstrating the importance of civic education in the digital age.
Interestingly, Google said that one of the reasons for this initiative is that many Italian users seem to be password management, such as the use of the same password for all accounts, or that “password” is a secure password.
So far, Google has announced that it will organize seminars at five different universities across the country to engage in targeted discussions on responsible Internet usage, which clearly means that Google teaches them how to use account IDs and set up secure passwords.
Google has been in Italy before the network security plan. Last year, Google security experts visited Italy throughout the country to provide users with the skills to manage their online business responsibly. The forthcoming workshops will be held in Rome, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Florence. The exact date has not yet been determined.


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