Cook: Apple is very focused on the development of autonomous systems, not just cars


Apple CEO Tim Cook’s remarks, the Motor Vehicles Authority (DMV) published information and Apple’s autopilot vehicle exposure test showed that the company is developing a set of autopilot system is no longer a secret. In a recent telegram meeting, Cook once again stated Apple’s strong interest in autopilot technology and suggested that Apple’s focus on the development of autonomous technology will be used in areas outside the car.
Cook is called autonomy technology is the mother of all AI projects, in addition to automatic driving car projects, the company is also developing other autonomous projects. “The autonomy system can be used in a number of ways – the car is only on the one hand, there are many different areas. Here I will not further disclose.” In other words, the future, this technology will also be applied to such as unmanned Machine, transportation industry and a variety of robots and other fields.
If Apple extends autonomy to areas other than cars, it will bring more possibilities to the company because AI will be a technology that can serve multiple markets. Now, there are already many companies are investing in the development of independent technology, so it seems that Apple has made a correct choice.
It is speculated that Apple is likely to have been from 2014 onwards began to develop automatic driving system, when it will build an electric car news surfaced. But now, Apple will no longer blending the manufacture of physical vehicles, instead of investing in the development of automatic driving technology.


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