AirPods have not arrived yet, AirPods will be coming before the end of the year


Inventec once again gets orders for Apple headphones AirPods 2, the fastest shipment in the fourth quarter. Apple Bluetooth headset AirPods since the end of the launch, swept the global wireless headset market, it is reported that a new generation of AirPods 2 has entered the final stage of design, and will be the first time in the headset into the biometric technology, known as the “smart headphones” Listed, foundry Inventec also once again get orders, the fastest shipment in the fourth quarter.
For AirPods 2 shipping schedule, Inventec does not comment on customer dynamics. It is reported that Inventec is Apple’s two new products AirPods, HomePod exclusive foundry, the main production base in Shanghai factory; AirPods so far in Apple’s official website shipping time is still up to five to six weeks, obviously quite favored by the market; , Is expected before the end of the market, Inventec is expected to mass production in the fourth quarter.
Apple has passed a number of patents, one is “with biosensor earplugs”, the market speculation AirPods 2 have the opportunity to combine biometric technology, such as monitoring the health of users, become a new “smart headphones” products.
It is reported that the Apple patent document, mentioned biometrics can monitor heart rate, and may help users record ECG, heart impedance and other biological information, can be used to track the health of users, the user movement, you can monitor the body oxygen consumption To determine whether their movement is excessive or inadequate, as the skin resistance sensor technology is currently used in the polygraph, it is estimated that Apple will be used to allow users to monitor their emotional ups and downs.
In addition, the current new AirPods in the earplugs configuration biometric device, and the headset shell symmetry, the sensor will be automatically recognized after the user wear up, according to wear position adjustment headphone channel, in other words, the future AirPods may be left and right Ear, any wear.
Although the new AirPods is expected to import biometrics, but the legal person that Apple through the patented technology, not every one will be immediately applied to the next generation of products, because Apple will consider the production yield and price costs, it is possible after several generations of products , Have the opportunity to import new technology in the headset.


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